About Us

Barbara Butcher has been designing clothing for the Renaissance Faire since 1970. She got her start making hand crocheted headdresses, pouches, and garments

that were decorated with beads and feathers. She sold these from her booth,

then called Fantasy Feather Creations, to the likes of Cher and Stevie Nicks.

Barbara gradually introduced her Renaissance line which gained immediate popularity

at the Agoura and Novato Faire’s due to the quality and authenticity of her line. In the mid 80’s Barbara began designing rag clothing, the earliest versions of what would soon be known famously as the Cream Room. Barbara’s booth is now called Tickle Thy Fantasy, and patrons have confessed visiting the Renaissance Faire just to purchase her beautiful clothing.

Barbara grew up in Pasadena, California and currently lives and works in Eagle Rock. She is an extremely prolific designer and for many years she designed and produced every garment on her own with only one part time sewing assistant. She is now very pleased to announce her apprentice, Janine, who will continue the legacy of her unique designs. 

*Click to see an Archive of Barbara’s designs and favorite pictures spanning the last 30 years.

Janine has a background in Shakespearean theater and has been working at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire for 14 years. Upon begining work at Tickle Thy Fantasy, Janine immediately became one of Barbara’s leading sales representatives. Today she is the face most patrons are familiar with. She manages and builds the booth each season and is the lead model for the clothing. Drawn to the unique style and timeless quality of Barbara Butcher’s designs, Janine is honored to be apprenticing under her to carry on the

legacy she has built.