Bodices & Blouses

$120 - $150

We make a very authentic peasant style bodice as-well as a respectable middle-class bodice. Our bodices are reversible, offering two color variations for your costume. They’re made out of our sturdy brush denim and brocades. We completely interface every bodice and we use 1/2” steel boning that is secured with grommets in the front. This keeps the spine and bosom supported and keeps the bodice from bunching up. Our bodices come in several sizes and color combinations and adjust at both the front and shoulders to accommodate most body types.

$77 - $120

Our blouses are known for the quality and drape of the fabrics we use and for our full voluminous sleeves. They are color-fast and durable. Our blouses are one size fits all, and have elastic at the neckline and wrist.